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Dumptruck the Janitor

2005 Sep Thu 11:17 pm

Average Rating: 3.73
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Author's Comments:

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User's Comments:

Reply rhino, 2005 Sep Thu 11:19 pm

Late comic, but ehe... oh well. Sorry for being late. More info on why at Thanks everyone... BTW... not racist, more mocking the people who are ignorant toward the Mexican population.

Reply xman, 2005 Sep Thu 11:22 pm

Eh, not one of your better ones, I found the punchline kinda weak. I do know what "pendejo" means only thanks to the beautiful "San Andreas". But I still didn't find the punchline to be all that funny.

Reply killadude1337, 2005 Sep Fri 12:20 am

heh, i like it, although i might agree it aint one of their best, but the artwork is still great, and i can tell just by looking at it (and by the fact that i was talking to him while he made it) that it took alot of time and effort, and i appreciate that. also it is funny, because alot of americans are like that, and dont even realize it... of course the janitors at my school literally dont speak english.. i know this first hand.. i tried to get change from him, a five for 5 ones, eventually my mom tried saying this "uno cinco *points at the bill* trade-o cinco uno's *shows him 5 fingers*" and he got it.. yup.. thats the end of my story.

Reply nickbaldwin, 2005 Sep Fri 12:20 am

pendejo Nice, love it how he says "asshole" at the end, much like pedro's "shit" comment.

Reply zarinov, 2005 Sep Fri 12:23 am

I want to be clear that while i dont actualy talk like that to people, i find that kind of humor the funniest hahahahahah!
I said HAHA!

Reply rhino, 2005 Sep Fri 12:46 am

Yeah, not our best. We are thinking of evolving the comic into something more deep that will be funnier, but on different levels. We need something, cause we are getting bored!! :p Thanks for the comments guys. What would have been a better punchline?

Reply xman, 2005 Sep Fri 12:51 am

I would have gone with something along the lines of " AT least I have a job!" or some racial slur about Zar's race.

Reply zarinov, 2005 Sep Fri 07:17 am

Zars race? I actualy dont follow that one since the dude works for me in the comic it seems strange for him to say somthing about me, no?

I got chicken!!! that one is gold no matter how you use it.

Reply adamacus, 2005 Sep Fri 04:23 pm

I like lesbians.

Reply Spartan, 2005 Sep Fri 06:27 pm


Reply Just_Jeremie, 2005 Sep Fri 07:41 pm

poor dumptruck *sniff*

Reply zarinov, 2005 Sep Sat 01:34 am

HELP A BROTHER OUT Hey, i decided i should be in someone elses comic. Who will add me for one guest strip only. I'm looking to be in atleast 5 diffrent comics.

Reply Pluto, 2005 Sep Sat 03:19 pm

I personally liked this comic.'re a regular character in my comic so...

Reply rhino, 2005 Sep Sat 10:14 pm

Maybe it was our release time? Or dunno what, but this comic got bad ratings... no where near expected. I thought this was better than our last personally... but meh... I don't really care! :p Thanks for the comments guys!

Reply Yukiko, 2005 Sep Sun 05:42 pm

X3! Poor Dumptruck. =D Love the comic so far. Keep up the pwnage work, or, um.. Else. DX

Reply Sangokyu, 2005 Sep Sun 06:13 pm

Man, I loved this comic for some reason

Reply The Rock and The Losers, 2005 Sep Sun 07:02 pm

heh I dont know why but I laughed at this...

Reply Noxian, 2006 Jan Thu 08:33 am

what...? racist jokes are funny, we all laugh at the yet we say bad things about them.....hypocritical bastards...anyways great comic and funny ass joke

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