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Signature Moves of Sin City

2005 Aug Thu 12:32 am

Average Rating: 4.68
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Author's Comments:

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User's Comments:

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Thu 12:34 am

Sin City If you haven't got your copy of the DVD that was released this last weekend, well worth teh buy! Joo should enjoy it! I thought it would be fun to make a sin city styled comic, and even though Frank Miller's artwork looks simple, it's kinda difficult to pull off. At least for a first time. Dunno about a second time. This was fun though... enjoy.

Reply killadude1337, 2005 Aug Thu 12:39 am

w00t nicely drawn pic of marv! and i like the storyline setup, bravo mate! an easy 2 stars!

Reply Frothy, 2005 Aug Thu 12:42 am

very well done.

Reply xman, 2005 Aug Thu 12:48 am

Killadude You cannto be serious!? 2 stars for that!? I'd give it 4 just for the artwork, but I loved the punchline. I havn't had a good laugh all day. 5 FOR YOU!
(While your at it, check out Cimmerian City, the name is a rip off of sin city, but we hope to change it.)

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Thu 12:57 am

Killadude... I'm a gonna kill you! hahaha... no no... the two stars... I was expecting 1 from you, so this is really an honor! Thanks also Xman. And frothy... you da man, as always. AND HEY, LOOK! Someone voted me a 1... hahahaha... my average is 3.67 5+5+1=11/3=3.666666666_

See? Doesn't just happen to the sprite comics!

Reply xman, 2005 Aug Thu 01:15 am

man I am on here too often Yea Rhino... doesn't happen to JUST the sprite comics.... course there goes all the complaining I could do.....

Oh and I noticed that your rating went up, that 1 was changed to a 3.

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Thu 01:21 am

So, YOU'RE the culprate! I KNEW it... hahaha... Cause I'm talkin to Frothy and Killadude and they both voted 5's.

Reply Admin, 2005 Aug Thu 01:22 am


Reply xman, 2005 Aug Thu 01:26 am

Rhino Nope Rhino, I'm not the one who gave this a 1, don't know how to prove that to ya, maybe the Admin has a way to, but I vote honestly. And this deserves a 5!

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Thu 01:28 am

Well, thanks man. Hmmm... I have no idea then. Don't matter really. If it were someone jelous, I think that in the end the real result would eventually come out through the masses. Thanks for the support Xman... Of course, I meant nothing by my comment.

Reply xman, 2005 Aug Thu 01:31 am

Ok good, cause I don't want people thinking that I'm one of those people that gives others 1's out of spite or jelousy.

Reply Just_Jeremie, 2005 Aug Thu 06:04 am

haha way to go, marv. way to go.

Reply adamacus, 2005 Aug Thu 08:44 am

Sin city was AWESOME! I love anything that is Tarrantinoized(?).IE has lots of realistic violence! And the fact that Tarrantino was a guest director, made me really want to see it. But im not 18...but i still saw it when it was in cinema...

Excellant Comic! That coat thing in the movie was great, good to see it in the comic. And nice Frank Millar style too.

Reply zarinov, 2005 Aug Thu 01:29 pm

Freakin SIN CITY dudes, what up?! another comics from the WOW.
If you love it, donate a doller, show us you care, that doller will go a long way towards feeding hungry kids in... oh who am i kidding we gonna use that to buy crack!

Reply Pluto, 2005 Aug Thu 02:09 pm

double standards Oh, so I do a Sin City comic and I get yelled at, Rhino and Zar do one, and it's gold...uh-huh, I see how it is...

Just kidding, actually it's kinda hard to write about Sin City, but you guys pulled it off a lot better than I did. You know you're gettin a 5.

Reply killadude1337, 2005 Aug Thu 02:55 pm

muahhaha i like how ppl always believe me when i say i give a wicca low rating :)

Reply ericshiznit, 2005 Aug Thu 04:43 pm

Hey! You really did it justice, I gave it a 5, as its my favorite of all your comics.
Not to be a hypocrite, Sin City is a delicate topic, and has to be done right. This is right.

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Thu 07:53 pm

Sin City... Pluto did a Sin City Comic? And got BOO'd?! How insane and improbable. I didn't see it. Thats the job at work for ya. I rarely see many things. As for the comic, yeah, I like it fine myself too. Marv is by far my favorite character in the movie as well as the comic book. He's always lookin for a fight, and no matter what you throw at him, he begs for more! He's a hard-as-nails mother f***er, that's for sure! A buddy of mine pointed out another grammatical error... I changed it. It was "too" not "to" in the second frame. Thanks to Dugan! When I'm in the moment, I get caught up with things like that I guess. Grammar isn't my strong point, and with Zar as my partner on this comic, we are nearly doomed! :p

Thanks for all the comments everyone! I really appreciate it. And the math thing is difficult to determine as the numbers go up, as it is more algebra. The formula for figuring out an average in the beginning is easy. You take the rating and guestimate at what the numbers are. Being that there are only 5 possibilites for a digit, you then average the most likely outcome to make that number. In my case at the beginning... I got three votes. 5,5, and a 1. Add these together and you get 11. now divide by the number of instances, in this case 3 votes. 11/3 is 3.66666666666666666666666666666 and so on, or 3.67. Simple as that. I bet you can pry in the PHP somewhere and find the math. But it is probably a separate peice of the site.

Anyways, thanks guys! Alot! Really! Gonna browse comics now and vote... work is over! YAY!

I haven't seen Frank Millers work on Batman... gonna have to look it up. That is what you are talking about when you say "dark knight" right Will? Only dark knight I know of. :p

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Thu 08:13 pm

Also... would like to add... William... I don't think that we'll be catching up with you very soon... you have a CONSIDERABLE lead! And well earned! VERY well earned (applause)!

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Thu 09:48 pm

Indeed his abilites have put most of ours to shame and then pee peed on the ashes what was remaining. I can only hope that one day... ONE DAY! I will be able to even TOUCH an area of comic art that he can pull out at will.

Reply xman, 2005 Aug Fri 12:06 am

Rhino Most of ours?! Frank Millers work takes all(by all I mean everyone on the site) of our accomplished work and burns it. Frank Miller is the greatest comic artist that has ever lived... I'd eat dirt for him..... Ok, no I wouldn't but you get my idea.

Reply Idiotface, 2005 Aug Fri 12:17 am

while were at it lets compare all our good deeds against jesus.

This one rules. I personally liked Jacky boy the best(talking dead body part) but Marv still kicked more than enough ass for this to be an instant 5 for his appearance alone. well done.

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Fri 01:27 am

Yeah, I get what you are saying... Like we could be like Jesus, just as our drawings could be like Frank Miller. Buh... Meh... BBQ... One day is all I'm sayin... one day. I should start a comic with my more detailed stuff... but you know what... time... :( I wouldn't have time for both. I may post something in the forum though.

Reply Humphro, 2005 Aug Fri 06:07 am

Gets my approval purely because it mentions Unreal.

... Unless it's talking about UT2003/4, in which case I hate you all.

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Fri 08:59 am

Unreal. Hahaha... I like your math methods...
I count ducks instead of fingers, then kill the ducks that make my math incorrect... It's alot easier as I was loosing alot of fingers.

And personally, Unreal is good no matter what version. And in your comic, you are CLEARLY wearing the Unreal 2003/2004 apparel Jertie... You should be ashamed... No, but I see why... cause you are dissin' the game. It's ok, but classic is fun as hell and easy to set up over LAN. Something I think the new ones could improve on a bit. (So many damn options, I just wanna kill my friends in a quick game!) Welp. off to work.

Reply zarinov, 2005 Aug Fri 09:55 am

Are we all done sucking Frank Millers dick?
Oh god he is so great, oh he is like jesus, oh get a grip, he makes good shit, but i mean damn, dont be crossing the line betwin good and "i need a condom, its that good!"
No doubt the stuff he makes is good, and the movie was totaly awsome as well, but i gotta be honest i've never heard of him before i saw the movie.
That is a very terrible truth, but its the truth regardless.

Reply holyknight, 2005 Aug Fri 12:41 pm


Reply Spartan152, 2005 Aug Fri 01:55 pm

Holyknight Dude! you read VG cats? i do too.
i haven't watched sin city BUT I'M GONNA RENT IT IN NETFLIX :P

Reply bipolar_monkey, 2005 Aug Sat 02:38 am

black and white Jimbone, Jimbone, Jimbone, Everyone knows that black and white makes everything more dramatic... and a little know fact.. playing games on the computer late at night.. in real life.. the color goes away to sleep at night.. ask any artist.. they'll tell you the same..

awsome comic as always Rhino!

Reply zarinov, 2005 Aug Sat 11:33 am

Hey, am i crazy or did dimention kid fall off the map?
i cant see any of his comments nor any of his comics.
He was the first comics in the top 10 but now i dont even see him there.


Reply Admin, 2005 Aug Sat 06:27 pm

About William P. He deleted his account, so all of his posts got deleted too.

Reply zarinov, 2005 Aug Sat 06:40 pm

Maibe he started his own site or somthing? but its not very nice to just disapear like this.
Well i hope he'll keep drawing.

I do want to comment on this issue of "who is rating 1's!?" I think its cool if someone rates us a one, its no big deal, if you like the comics just keep reading it and if you dont just tell us what to change.
Besides, if someone decided to get us off the map with all 1's nothing we can do about it... just remember we also have our own site and also that the admin (so he said) looks for people who vote all ones.

Reply killadude1337, 2005 Aug Sat 07:17 pm

about will... kinda silly that he would delete his account when he was number 1... and not leave any traces or tell all of us what his new site was or nothing...maybe someone said something that got to him? anyway its good that soneone noticed, that means he will be missed. lets have a moment of silence for good ol' will.

Reply Spartan152, 2005 Aug Sat 09:00 pm

2 things Rhino, my zp comic is up. it has a "1.00" for a rating... oh well.and i never new will.... wish i had i woulda liked to see his art.

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Sun 04:28 am

Will... His art was great LWC. I have no idea what happened to him and wish that he wouldn't have disappeared. I was startled earlier today when I went to see the top rated and was like "hmmm, we are number one" and went to read number two and noticed that it was not "Dimention Kid." Then was even MORE disappointed to find that Demention Kid had disappeared from EVERYWHERE!!! :( Please come back Will! Maybe... maybe he got murdered from a jelous fan! This is a mystery guys! OH, and everyone needs to e-mail Will... I'll post his e-mail with the next comic as it is missed. That will be Sunday night or Monday Morning that I post.

Also, going to read that comic LWC

Reply Admin, 2005 Aug Mon 01:11 am

Read the forums much? Well obviously not, so:

Reply The Rock and The Losers, 2005 Aug Mon 09:19 am

Nice work Rhino, even if I didnt see Sin City yet

Reply Muffin Man Grady, 2005 Aug Tue 07:54 pm

hmmmm well i dont know much of sin city, i think the movie looks kinda bad, but not bad work.

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