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Never Sacrifice Speed for Flavor

2005 Aug Thu 12:11 am

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Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Thu 12:19 am

Kyle and Brandon So, Kyle and Brandon are two of our characters that have not been around for a while. I know that looking at this you are thinking "Where is the quality we usually do? I'm sorry guys. Truth is, I'm having computer troubles and I didn't have enough time to get the problem fixed this afternoon. So, late in the evening, I finally got it working. Here is the story...

So, I made a choice to upgrade to a 160 gig instead of my 60 I'm using now for a secondary drive. My artwork takes up several gigs, so I figured it was time. Bad thing is that windows XP only allows a 137 gig drive TOPS. I have upgraded all my service packs, even did some upgrades to get it to recognize a 160. So, thats fine. But what happens is that when I try to transfer data to the drive, it freezes my system, and causes it to restart. I don't know what to do. More research I guess. So, I unplugged the drive and went back to my old system, but then the thing wouldn't start up off my system drive for some reason. BLAH! So I got frustrated, got a head ache and at about 6 this evening, I got things working again. The headache was so bad I decided to take a nap. An hour and a half later, I was awake and still with a head ache, but I had to make a comic. So, there ya go. Full explination.

Anyways, that is why Kyle and Brandon are here. Simple comic and we needed to put them in. A comment was made on our last comic that they just "disappeared." And we realize that we were dropping the ball on them. So, yeah... bout time. Any comments, please leave any you feel. I'm just gonna watch more James Bond now til bed. Later!

Reply xman, 2005 Aug Thu 12:41 am

Funny...but Not one of your best, but still good. I prefer Zar and Rhino in the comic myself.

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Thu 01:35 am

Zar and Rhino... We are the origional duo, and I must say that I agree... we just had to throw it in and with my headache, I didn't wanna do something complicated that was going to take 5 hours. :D Thanks for the honest comments.

Reply xman, 2005 Aug Thu 01:56 am

Rhino I like to receive honest comments too, so it's only fitting I return the courtesy. PLus, i can tell you didnt spent as much time on this one as you do on your others, 1 because you said you didn't, and 2 because I have seen your others. Excellent work!

Reply killadude1337, 2005 Aug Thu 04:35 am

HMM, your 160, are you formatting it in fat32? i know that fat32 has a size limit of 130ish gigs.. if you are in fat32 and wish to stay that way, prehaps try making 2 partitions on the drive? you know, plit it into 2 80's. else try converting it to NTFS and it should work... as for the comic.. i dont get it.. :'( im stupid... but like the art! woo!

Reply Just_Jeremie, 2005 Aug Thu 08:25 am

mmmmm...mashed taters

Reply Pluto, 2005 Aug Thu 02:05 pm

I love how we both have a charcter named Brandon in our comics...although they are complete opposites. Oh well, good job, and we all can't wait for the next one.

Reply adamacus, 2005 Aug Thu 06:43 pm

Its flavour!! Flavour i say!! American english....phff Holy crap 7 gigs!!! My crappy ass computer only has 17gigs in all.. Im upgrading soon..i hope. But then gain im guessing your job is art related?? Yeah i have to agree this comic isnt your best, i think its because when someone looks at this comic, they look at the highlighted fried harddrive and THEN look at the first panel which means they already know what the joke is. well thats what i did anyway. I hope you didnt just make this because i said kyle and brandon have dissapeared.

Reply zarinov, 2005 Aug Thu 09:53 pm

To be honest I allways thought that peirce brosnen was the best one, sean came in as close second.

I just feel that brosnen has alot more aggresivness to him, and you can really feel that army training under all that suave act.

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Thu 09:57 pm

James Bond Yeah, AMC is having a marathon... I really like Sean Connery as bond, and I agree with you there. But the new guy is actually pretty good. "The world is not enough" is one of my favorites now. But yeah, nothing beats Connery. :D

Also, yeah, the comic suffered this time. Mondays will be better, I PROMISS!! And also, I think that Svetlana will be back. I gotta... she's my WIFE!!! Love that woman. :D Thanks for all the comments guys.

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Thu 09:59 pm

160 gig hard drive Also, to reply to killadudes comment. No, I am not going to the archaic 32 bit fat file system. I'm doing NTFS, and the problem is common among large drives. The next fix I'm thinking is updating software up to my processors specs. Time to go 64 bit XP. See if it helps. Evidently has large drive fixes automatically and 132 gig memory support, like that will happen in the next 5 years.

Reply zarinov, 2005 Aug Fri 12:15 am

Ok... Just wanted to say that i know people love our comics and all, and we are very thankfull. I have noticed that many other comics strips have been getting better, and i promiss to all our readers that we are taking note and will do our best to impruve as well. Better writing, better storys...

We will not fail you, our viewers.

Reply jcure, 2005 Aug Fri 05:43 am

I can relate to the need for more space and not having the time to put into the comics. I have 280Gb and I am every day getting closer to the consiteration of a terabyte. I had na idea that XP had limits to space that must be frustrating... Well as the great Mohamad hawk says "get a mac!" Now fair enough the boys are back but where is the bird?

Reply zarinov, 2005 Aug Fri 10:50 am

Yea space... Space limits, JEEZ! first off a mac might be better but for only twice the price. Besides, it seems pointless to upgrade since these issue willcontinue to live in our serves and secondery desktops.

Also, my server currently has 200GB on it, but based on todays posts i'm thinking i should upgrade to a 320BG capacity. Which reminds me, anyone have any idea how to add more hard drive racks to a case?

THe bird, good question, we got some strips with it, but we are only human and can barly keep up with the ideas we got.

Reply The Rock and The Losers, 2005 Aug Fri 09:52 pm


Reply kitty_the_goddess_of_doom, 2005 Aug Fri 10:17 pm

that looked... ridiclously yummy...

Reply Idiotface, 2005 Aug Fri 11:31 pm


Reply The Rock and The Losers, 2005 Aug Sat 12:09 pm

IM hungry now

Reply killadude1337, 2005 Aug Sun 09:35 am

EXCUSE ME Pierce Brosnan does NOT suck! he is so smooth and awesome.. goldeneye is my favorite bond film. yes, Connery was the first, and yes he is THE bond, but dont say Brosnan sux, cause he really is a good actor. and hes got serious finesse.

Reply Jypsy, 2005 Aug Mon 09:03 am

I was gonna keep quiet, but then the pierce brosnan discussion perked my interest.

Of course everyone loves Connery, but I think for the modern day spy thriller there should be no substitute for Pierce. I mean our only comparison as of recent history is timothy dalton, blah. Pierce has the charisma needed to pull off the role.

Oh and the comic is cool, not the best of art but definitely interesting. Can't wait to see you get back to where you were :)

Reply Spartan152, 2005 Aug Mon 01:51 pm

meh nooffense but this seems VEEERY close to Penny Arcade. i mean, the linux penguin just seems so much like div is rediculous :P

Reply killadude1337, 2005 Aug Thu 02:12 am

LWCcomic i dont know who's crack youre smoking, but lay off it, cause clearly its laced with acid tabs or something, cause this is NOTHING like penny arcade. this is all origional art and ideas and i commend them on it. w00t.

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