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From Russia With Love

2005 Aug Wed 11:39 pm

Average Rating: 4.60
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Author's Comments:

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User's Comments:

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Wed 11:41 pm

Thats my WIFE! I only wish it were possible. Really... Really I do. Ehe... oh well.

Reply Frothy, 2005 Aug Wed 11:49 pm

i need some lovin' from mother russia!

Reply Shlee, 2005 Aug Thu 12:01 am

WOW! The animation, the concept, great! I'm giving you a definite 4 stars. Great job, you rock.


Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Thu 12:03 am

ROCK ON!!! BIZNACHES! Thnx for the lovin! No no... YOU, rock... literally... in your comic... you guys rock.... alot. With guitars.... and drums... get it? he. hehe... I'm clever.

I'll see what she is doing later Frothy... I'll hook ya up.

Reply Frothy, 2005 Aug Thu 12:33 am

thanks rhino ;)

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Thu 01:31 am

HAHAHA! You WISH you could lick yourself Will... and me too. Thanks for the comment!

Reply killadude1337, 2005 Aug Thu 09:38 am

my favorite part is the blood on the crowbar.. its the little details that make all the difference :) that is blood, right?

Reply adamacus, 2005 Aug Thu 10:09 am

BINGSKI!!!! Ah man, THE ART.....THE ART!!!!! Jeeeeeessssuuuuussssss....too good...
I love the fact that you make the company that sent her seem really eehhh well russian! "LIVE ANIMALS!" and "You are the proud new owner.." The second frame itself is enough to amze but then you go and add the third and....5

Reply Pluto, 2005 Aug Thu 10:54 am

Great job again, guys. Really great art. Hahaha, I wouldn't be surprised if Palacio actually looked into this.

Reply Swlax4life, 2005 Aug Thu 01:28 pm

Is immediate and immediatly spelled with two M's right?

Reply jcure, 2005 Aug Thu 05:45 pm

ha I am sure she comes in a crate! that alone is enough you could have just put that and made the grade. what was the name of the site you got her from?

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Thu 07:53 pm

Thanks for watchin' ma back! Thanks Swlax for the spelling check. I always check the comic for spelling, but that was a second document and I forgot. So yeah, thanks alot! I fixed both. We coo now! Thanks for the support to.

Thanks to all of you too! I really appreciate it. More so than you would belive. It's great to come here and actually get feedback on what we do. Love ya guys. (cough, cough... tear)! hahaha... Back to a serious note... or not so serious. Yeah, Will actually e-mailed me asking for the site... hahaha. No, he didn't. Also, that is not blood on the crowbar... unfortunately. But you can always pretend! It just needed some worn in paint and red is what I have seen as the most common. Maybe it covers the blood better than others. Hmmmm.

As for where "Svetlana" came from, she is based off a real girl I know named Emina from Bosnia. Now, I don't know her really REALLY well, but I want to. But, no phone call yet. The rest was based off of a girl from I will post another post here with just the address to her pictures. She is actually real, but only looks kinda like Svetlana. Again, she looks exactly like this girl we know if she was a toon. Anyways... thanks... and the link is just below. ROCK ON!!

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Thu 07:55 pm mp;age2=-1&kids=-1&height1=-1&height2=-1&hair=
-1&countri=-1&datepost=-1&phone=&email=&keyinfo=&snum=VF18288&am p;search=Submit%20Search

Ok guys I put a return in there so that the link wouldn't wrap clear around the world when you see the page. Select the first line, then put in the second line. It's huge. OR, best way, go to, view the blog on the previous comic (us at the computer shopping for the bride) and click the big yellow link in my blog. Will take you right to it.

Reply killadude1337, 2005 Aug Thu 08:30 pm

HAHAHAH, on that site, theres an "add to cart button"...! i wonder if they have bazaars over there where you just walk down with a shopping cart and throw a few in..

And about the blood.. thats thoroghly dissappointing. you dont even understand how sad that makes me. if 4.5 was a rating id lower it to that.

Reply Sangokyu, 2005 Aug Thu 09:21 pm

Man, what a great comic. Reminds me of that one ATHF episode

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Thu 09:40 pm

ATHF: You are talking about the Mail order bride Carl gets right? OH MAN!! "YOU make me dinner NOW! Oh, and put this on, will ya hunny?" HAHAHA... love the Aqua Teen

Reply bipolar_monkey, 2005 Aug Fri 12:33 am

o.o;; Hey Rhino..what exactly was the URL to that russian bride site... and how much do i have to pay you to give it to me?

Reply zarinov, 2005 Aug Fri 12:44 am

Russian bride site Can be found on the site. I just dont want to post it here since pushing a site on another site isnt cool.
once again thats

I'm such a damn whore!

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Fri 12:45 am

Then link is free bipolar_monkey.... but the transportation... well... thats gonna cost ya. I charge by the hour. We aren't talkin' about the bride... I mean the link. I could have that e-mail open for several hours... days even. but... if you are willing to pay... :D

Reply bipolar_monkey, 2005 Aug Fri 01:59 am

skillz are a new form of cash if you charge my the hour.. then i'll just work over time.. i'd pay ya anything for that site... ANYTHING.. id sell my soul to the devil!! i'd..i'd.. well.. maybe not THAT

Reply killadude1337, 2005 Aug Fri 02:21 am

Could you redraw this picture with the bride having soem shorter hair? i mean.. its fine the way it is.. but short hair is just.. i dunno.. better. im sure your other fans will agree... ;)

Reply zarinov, 2005 Aug Fri 08:28 am

I've said this once and i'll say it again! I totaly think its awsome how every strip we make becomes a forum. Bipolar, that site finds you a bride and it costs about as much as a low end car... clearly a bride is worth that much.

I will tell you this much, being as freaking loaded and huge as we are, with so much dow we dont know what else to buy... wifes seem like a solid investment. Right now i own 6 and sublet them to my friends for monthly payments to cover my loan. Plus i got me an older wife i just got a killer deal on, but i'll need to rebuild most of her since she got some wear and tear.

Also, please note, Rhino actualy owns that suit in the comics, and tie... and i got pictures of him wearing it.

Reply Pluto, 2005 Aug Fri 12:13 pm

Hey guys....just for record...y'know, in case you haven't figured it out yet...Svetlana's a CARTOON!!! It's not a real girl! Sheesh, you guys are really gonna have to calm down about that stuff.

Reply killadude1337, 2005 Aug Fri 12:48 pm

For the record, were being sarcastic.. but as you may or may not know, shes based on a real person. and also theres a real site where they got the idea of this from (and one of them's name is Svetlana, believe it or not...)

Reply zarinov, 2005 Aug Fri 02:15 pm

For the record... She fine!

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Fri 11:15 pm

Cartoons can be sexy! True that... Killadude was tellin' me about that girl... he says she is ugly, but OUR Svetlana is super fine... GRRRRRRR... :D Anyways, I'll post something on eggs benadict arnold of her with short hair if it pleases the court... of course, she will not be as well rendered. I think that long hair is... OOOOOH! Man... Love Long hair... Mmmmm... and yeah, The real girl Emina... she has long black BLACK hair. and gorgeous blue eyes... and silky white skin... and perfect round... Ok.... enough already. But yes, this is a cartoon, and even though she is a cartoon, you all have to admit. The guys at least... when Jessica Rabbit first appeared on the screen, all of us hunched forward and were wide-eyed... admit it! A cartoon can be hot... Mmm...yeah...

Also, Zar is in finacial denial. We are not rich... and we are not really that popular yet... and... well... the 6 wives thing is true! BTW. Zar, I need Cathrine this weekend. Got a movie to go to and don't wanna look like a loser. Can you spot me? I owe you like 10.

Picture of the suit and us is in our "Profile" Section under "Bonus" at the top of the page. I do have that tux and tie. I LOOOOVE used clothing stores.

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Fri 11:30 pm

I sound gay when I hold LOoooooove so long... so... no more of that.

Reply kitty_the_goddess_of_doom, 2005 Aug Sat 01:02 am

when *I* grow up... I WANNA' be a russian mail-order bride!... oh wait, i'm irish... oh well i'll get a sex change!!!

Reply kitty_the_goddess_of_doom, 2005 Aug Sat 01:04 am

wait... what did i mean by THAT?!

Reply killadude1337, 2005 Aug Sat 08:05 am

to kitty Save yourself the effort. heres 10 bucks. meet me at... 3:00?

Reply kitty_the_goddess_of_doom, 2005 Aug Sat 01:43 pm

to killadude where is 3:00? also 'prolly you don't want a 300lbs. mail-order bride with a shaved head...

Reply kitty_the_goddess_of_doom, 2005 Aug Sat 01:51 pm

dood!!! by the way, that is a really hot drawing!!! I'D do that piece of paper!!! (heh heh i'm kiddin') but seirously, that is some amazing art work.

Reply Lost, 2005 Aug Sat 03:58 pm

haha, i love the context of the letter. Englis=poor.

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Sat 06:59 pm

To Miss. Kitty Hey, Kitty... I got 20 And I'll meet you half way. Killa dude ain't got no game... not saying I do either, but I have a crate with your name on it baby! YEAH!! MAIL ORDER BRIDE!! WOOT! Irish huh? Hmmm... shaved head huh? Hmmmmm... (deeper contemplation) 300 pounds? BUYAH! I got a keeper!

Also, thanks for the comment. I already did have sex with the drawing..... it's all sortsa sticky... I didn't need to go there, but OOPS, I did.

Reply kitty_the_goddess_of_doom, 2005 Aug Sat 07:34 pm

el woot!!!! i gota' crate with my name on it!!! a crate what belongs to a COLLEGE GRADUATE *drools* mama would be proud *sniff* actually my dream has alwyas been to go to art institute of san deigo (or LA). i've never HAD formal training... do you think that you need to have a natural tallent for art to make it anywhere, or do you think it can be aquired? (wow!!! i can't spell!!!) also thanks for the feedback. i really appricate it!!!

Reply adamacus, 2005 Aug Sat 07:49 pm

IRISH!!! OMG i never thought id see an irish person on smack jeeves beside me!! Go irish chick!!

Reply adamacus, 2005 Aug Sat 07:56 pm

If you had photoshop you could click save for the web or save the banner as a jpg and i think you can compress it although you probably cant without photoshop..

Reply kitty_the_goddess_of_doom, 2005 Aug Sat 08:25 pm

to adamacus i'm not FROM ireland, but my ancestors are. i gots the irish, scottish, native american thang going on... my ex-best friend was russian... russians have GREAT noses. i hate cartoons in which there is a character with a bad russian or german accent...

Reply adamacus, 2005 Aug Sat 09:25 pm

NOOooooo!! Ah well i guess im unique then...

Reply kitty_the_goddess_of_doom, 2005 Aug Sat 10:52 pm

i'd also like to say in my defence... the only reason i shaved my head (again... hopefully for the last time) because my so-called "friend" kameko cut my hair so i looked just like a penis. like the part made it look like the opening and all that shit. it was scary. i'd MUCH rather look like a bad drag queen than a penis.

Reply Pluto, 2005 Aug Sun 01:02 am

Congradulations Congrats, Rhino and Zar. Your comic is now a forum. A forum about cartoon porn and ethnic must be so proud.


Reply zarinov, 2005 Aug Sun 01:16 am

Loving it! When you save for web even at 60% compression you will be within limits. Make sure that you dont use photoshop but ImageReady, it lets you see the diffrent options as they will come out.

Also, i've been saying that this is a forum for a long time, and also.. that its freakin awsome. However i dont really like the fact that we keep getting posted on the top and not in the proper order just coz we are creators. I'm gonna email the admin if someone would support this idea but me!

Finaly, among aother talants i also speek fluent russian and i hate cheap russian talk in movies, hunt for red october was awsome but when they talked in russian i nearly had to vomit.

Reply killadude1337, 2005 Aug Sun 02:49 am

thats ok kitty.. ive got a wig you can borrow.. and a lipo suction machine. and i up my bid to $25.

EDIT: oh, and 3:00 is the time, not the place :)

Reply kitty_the_goddess_of_doom, 2005 Aug Sun 04:20 pm

hey zar!!! i support your idea. it's weird how the comment board works on this site. i also think it'd be nice if they had an edit/delete post option. i know I'VE accidentally written some ridiclous shit. your name sounds russian. are you russian? you look like you have some indian in you. rhino-man looks like he's scottish. as for killadude, if you want me you have to take me 300lbs and size f boobs and insanity and all!!! i love perogis (did i spell that right?)!!! kitty the amazing dumbass AWAAAAAAYYY!!! oh... they DO have an edit/delete button...

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Sun 05:43 pm

Proud... You damn right Although it's a new week... I'm hoping someone will read this as I have things to comment on...

Yeah, Kitty... The penis thing... hmmmm... yeah, I know what one of them looks like, I think. I've seen them in magazines. ANyways, I don't think you have to be "Artistic" by default to go to an artschool. You do have to have what they call "money" though, and lots of it. The Art Institutes are great! But, I have to say, maybe you should have done what I wish I would have done and do all your general courses (make sure they transfer) in a differen't acredited school. But really, anything you want to be good in can be learned. No one is born with "tallent." All we do and say and make of ourselves is learned.

Banner... Welp, there is this thing called "Save for web" as stated before by adamacus. The 10000 bytes relates to 10 kilobytes or 10k. Stop using targas right now. They are TOO huge. The images you sent me were 6 megs. Really... start using jpegs with a little compression. Shoot at about 60 to 100k depending on the image size. All in all though, save for web should do it. it gives you a "prediction" at the bottom left in photoshop on how big it will be when saved. It usually gets it really close!

Forum... Yeah... we noticed! And we want more discussions like this, cause they are interesting... BOO YAH!! Good times... Pluto... lovin' the comic man. Blue ninja would be proud.

Yeah... edit delete buttons only work if you use them. :p Zar is Russian to awnser your question. He is fairly darker skinned, like a mexican tan. And your guess... DING DING DING!!! We have a winner! Yes, my ancestors are Scottish, and my Name is Ryan King. Ryan means King... So you can call me King King. I'm stupid. Anyways, yeah, the bid for me goes up to 30, and "The middle" is my time and place.

Also, Zar, I e-mailed the admin like two weeks ago about this problem. He said he thought it was interesting, however, he has little time to change it. I'm understanding, but seriously, this does need to be fixed. it is only like two lines of code. Change to time stamp!

Reply kitty_the_goddess_of_doom, 2005 Aug Sun 10:25 pm

i come here every time i get on the computer to see what's new, mr. rhino pants... w00t!!! i'm actually worth some money!!! i woulda' started this a WHILE ago if i knew i was worth this much!!! thank you for your insights into tallent. ive been feeling really down about my drawings as of late. i'm trying to decide weather i'll continue with my comics or not. i LOVE the name ryan. i also like the names kale, zane, hiroshi and tobias for boys and akasuki, duet, coda, and aubrey for girls. then there's weird names like "jessie buzzard" or "yassar nassar" (two very grood friends of mine). i have a thing with names. anyhoodlies, i'm sure everyone is getting sick of my annoyingly long rants so i'll shut up now...

Reply kitty_the_goddess_of_doom, 2005 Aug Sun 10:42 pm

as to the bids on me... my mother insists upon a goat or a chicken to go with your bid.

Reply The Rock and The Losers, 2005 Aug Sun 11:20 pm

Awsome Art Awsome Art... why does everyones art seem to blow mine out of the water?

Reply killadude1337, 2005 Aug Mon 01:02 am

ok, i offer $35 and 2 cattle. 2 whole cattle.

Reply rhino, 2005 Aug Mon 06:27 pm

Raised bid 45 bucks, plus, I'll pay to ship you the two cattle, and I'll throw in half a chicken...

Reply DRComix, 2005 Aug Sun 04:08 pm

Aw Man How am I supposed to compete with that?

Way to crush my dreams.

I kid. Great work.

Reply Xavier, 2007 Feb Fri 07:01 pm

Ohhh... Coooool.. lucky lucky man.
4/5 ^^

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