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Creepiest roomie... EVER!

2005 Oct Mon 12:12 am

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Reply prettyokay, 2005 Oct Wed 01:30 am

Walkin is Watching...

ever seen those posters damn funny. Creepy guy...yet awesome when he dances to fat boy slim !

Reply bipolar_monkey, 2005 Oct Wed 12:32 pm

o.o;; thats so creepy that im not sure im going to be able to sleep at night ^_^ good job

Reply The Rock and The Losers, 2005 Oct Wed 07:31 pm

great as always

Reply Spartan152, 2005 Oct Wed 08:46 pm

if possible could someone give me a cameo? i need one and i want to see someone else's interpretation of my characters

Reply Idiotface, 2005 Oct Wed 11:23 pm

the cowbell joke is good. I remember that same SNL show where Christopher Walkin was on, and he did a different sketch where he was a contestant on 'prankster's' and 'pranked' a 'stiffly stifferson'. know what I'm talkin bout?

anyway it just reminded me of that. yeah....

Reply Just_Jeremie, 2005 Oct Thu 07:56 am

omg....walkin would not be that bad of a roomie. at least you'd always laugh.

Reply Sangokyu, 2005 Oct Fri 10:52 pm

I believe you meant
"Um, Chris...
I'm sorry, you're
just too damn creepy"
Gotta add the extra 'o'.
Woooo! Spelling Police!

Reply Shlee, 2005 Oct Sat 03:33 pm

You never cease to amaze me, man! Keep on rocking in the free world!


Reply nickbaldwin, 2005 Oct Sat 04:33 pm

I'm sorry, I have no idea who Walkin is, So I can't enjoy this spectacle of talent and art! NOOOOOOOOOOO! Damn us New Zealanders, not knowing everything when we should! So, I shall not vote. Not like you need my vote to get you anywhere, this is WOW comics after all.

Reply AutoInsomnia, 2005 Oct Sun 02:13 am

Too often are your jokes generic. It's tiring, you guys need to be original. You used an SNL joke for 1 comic already, why again?!

Reply CaptainNugget, 2005 Oct Sun 06:04 am

some of you seemed confused, but thats christopher walken, a very famous old actor. but he is pretty damn creepy.

Reply rhino, 2005 Oct Sun 05:14 pm

Boring and Generic I want to say this. If you are a reader of our comic, we appreciate what you are doing. I agree that our jokes aren't going to be so awesome at the moment. Infact, I really hate making the comic right now (in all honesty) because of this plotline for one, and because I spend so much time on it that it just eats me up. But here is what I wanted to say. I love Christopher Walken. If you don't, thats cool. Also, you think our jokes are boring or generic? Thats cool. The honest comments are great! I appreciate it AutoInsomnia, but to tell you the truth, if I was making this to please everyone, I wouldn't be making it. I'm just doing this for me and Zar here. I don't care if anyone really reads it or votes a 1, or if I'm number 3000 out of 3000 comics. Zar and I get a good laugh here and there and we thought we would try this, so while we are trying to figure out some ideas, this will have to do. And I have been terribly busy.

In short, if you don't like what you see, sorry. Best advice would be to stop reading our comic for a while. But, I do know what you are saying and I appologize for the dullness. Later! --Rhino--

Reply CaptainNugget, 2005 Oct Mon 06:51 am

hell yes! somebody who finally fucking GETS IT!!!!! sweet dude.

Reply Shlee, 2005 Oct Mon 08:50 am

I got it too. Christopher Walken kicks butt, but you're right, he's creepy. Bring on the cowbell.

Reply Oyer, 2005 Oct Mon 04:56 pm

What the hell is that shirt he's wearing? That is too damn creepy...Creey shirt! Creepy actor! Just creepy all over!

Reply rhino, 2005 Oct Mon 08:31 pm

My Retirement Zar hasn't posted this, but I will. I have decided to retire from Wow comics. I am going to do my own thing for a while, and the comic is making me flustered. To all who made this happen, sweet! Thanks! But yeah, it will still be around! Zar is going to keep it going. Hope it goes well. I will however no longer be doing the artwork for the comic. It may be slow for a week more as a result. Thanks again guys. Later.

Reply The Rock and The Losers, 2005 Oct Mon 09:37 pm

Rh..Rh....RHINO..> NOOOO!!!! O.O Your.. RETIRING?!?! O.O... well best of luck to you Rhino, and we shall never forget...


but still seeya man

Reply xman, 2005 Oct Mon 11:53 pm

Best of luck Rhino, don't forget us.

Reply rhino, 2005 Oct Tue 02:37 am

It's impossible man... Can't forget any of you guys!

Reply Pluto, 2005 Oct Tue 07:03 am

Wow...didn't see that coming. But things change and move on. Later on, Man. Stay in touch!

Reply Sangokyu, 2005 Oct Tue 05:40 pm

Woah dude... that's sucks... well, good luck doing...whatever you want it is you wanted to do... yeah... *Thumbs up*

Reply Ccs1989, 2005 Oct Tue 06:45 pm

Creepy awesome!
Edit- Okay, I read the archives. Awesome comic here, really. On a few strips the art is sub-par, but all are funny. It ranks up there. 5 overall.

Reply adamacus, 2005 Oct Wed 01:07 pm

I should really say "oh well its your choice and good luck!" but im gonna be selfish and say :
AHH FOR FUCK SAKE I CANT BELEIVE IT!! This comic is Smackjeeves. This is the only comic that made it past 2 months that was good. Every good comic is going from smackjeeves and manga and sprites are taking over. It happenes to all free webcomic hosting sites and now its finally happened to this one. oh well.

Reply zarinov, 2005 Oct Wed 03:16 pm

Hey guys, wanted to say i'm sorry the comic isnt staying. We gave our best and tried to make it last.
Hell we even sold a shirt to a fan.

But it wasnt ment to be. I'm going to try and find an artist to complete the strips i have written and possibly continue, but the art is not low level and i dont know what i can do.

In any event, it was fun while it lasted.

Reply Ccs1989, 2005 Oct Wed 04:19 pm

Wait what? This is going away? WTF?! I liked it!

Reply rhino, 2005 Oct Wed 07:53 pm

Right... but, like I said, Zar is going to keep it going. Hey, Zar, Jason can draw... (ROTFLMAO!).. Psssh... ok, ok. Yeah, but really. It will still be there. I'm just not doing the art anymore... Sorry Adamacus. I know man, we been through some shit together dawg... but yes, I'm just so... I'm done.

Reply killadude1337, 2005 Oct Thu 09:38 am

you pansy little bitches, stop crying about it sure, rhinos gone, but hes happier that way so i fully support the dude. and you all need to grow up, it was just a comic anyway.

Reply Frothy, 2005 Oct Thu 06:36 pm

very funny rhino *sob sob*

Reply Just_Jeremie, 2005 Oct Sun 08:05 am

dude...i just saw this. i'm so going to miss your stuff. it was an honor to have your comments on my old comic. thank you again. and email me at so i can send you the link of my new comic that i'm gonna start and have up by the end of the year

Reply Spartan152, 2005 Oct Sun 11:34 am

i didn't find out til rhino pmed my late PM to him and told me. i was shocked, but, we've gotta move on. besides, we've seen Zar draw, and, next to things with bad drawing like LWC, i think he can handle it. gl zar, and rhino, keep on movin along!

Reply dustee, 2005 Oct Mon 01:38 am

yawn? Zzz. I like the art, that's about it

Reply MiKe_iwp, 2005 Oct Sun 03:29 pm

:'( *copy past title*

Reply The Rock and The Losers, 2005 Oct Tue 07:40 pm

Its Amazing.... This is still on the top 10 list although you quit.. incredible!

Reply bipolar_monkey, 2005 Oct Mon 04:13 pm

amazing.. thats talent... pure unadultrated talent

Reply The Rock and The Losers, 2005 Nov Wed 08:52 pm

I keep forgettin you guys quit

Reply gobbler, 2005 Nov Tue 10:56 am


Reply The Rock and The Losers, 2005 Nov Wed 03:03 pm


Reply Myxomatosis, 2005 Nov Sun 01:05 pm

It ended? Well, shit I`ve been away for too long...

Reply Spartan152, 2005 Nov Sun 01:23 pm


Reply eyeswulf, 2005 Dec Sun 01:35 pm

More COWBELL! Your comics are great!

Reply kitty_the_goddess_of_doom, 2005 Dec Wed 10:50 pm

hey!!! you bitches besta' keep doing this comic or i'll eat your hearts and then your children!!!

Reply rhino, 2005 Dec Wed 01:45 am

To be continued... Well, I will let you all know, that I have decided to continue... not with wow comics... that is dead to us. Well, not to us. Zar is supposidly "working" on finding an artist, but not that quick I guess. I don't know when or what yet though, but I feel I need to get back into the groove! WORD! Thanks for the supports. Oh, and you can eat my children. They are stoopid and retart'd.

Reply bipolar_monkey, 2006 Jan Tue 12:37 pm

Your children are already for our consumption....

you have no say in this, though it is nice to have your permission

Reply Noxian, 2006 Jan Thu 08:35 am

its nto fair... ive tried 6 computers...i cant see the comic, and this has most response *cries in agony* NOOOOOO!

Reply tweebus, 2006 Jan Mon 06:48 pm

The following is a shameless promotion attached to a comic that has
struck its last cowbell: you may now proceed to click "tweebus".

Reply Arconna, 2006 Mar Tue 11:42 pm

Just looking at him gives me the creeps...

Reply zarinov, 2006 May Mon 06:42 pm

Hehehe Just thought i'd drop by and see whats up. Amazingly enough some people still post comments, yeah some good times.

wow-comics forever man! (well, at least for a short time that is :)

Reply Beany, 2006 Jun Mon 08:22 pm

Holy Shit!

My restraining order expired and I find this? How could you quit? I cannot believe it!

P.S. - I still have the Rhino shirt that was custom made for ME.

Reply Beany, 2007 Jan Mon 02:15 am

Happy new year!

Reply LongLiveRa, 2007 Apr Mon 12:29 am

Loved I just found this fell in love and then realized you quit. I'm very sad now. Please please please come back.

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