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A funny web comic devoted to wasting time in what we do best. Play video games, watch movies, make fun of famous people, and most of all, play video games... Oh, and watch movies. Zarinov and Rhino are the main characters. FOLLOW THEIR LIVES EVERYWHERE! Note: For Mature Audiences Recomended!

2005 Aug Tue 07:53 pm


Getting my motorcycle tire fixed was a bitch, but I'm back. So, here's the deal. Last night I spent about 6 hours on a painting available as a desktop really soon. Current size is 1024x968. This will fit most monitors. The painting is of a girl named "Svetlana" who will be appearing in Thursday's comic. You may see her by clicking on the image below.

Here's a preview:

All I want is people to leave some feed back as for what they think. The voting is not important. Really. It's not a comic, so don't vote for it... if you feel it's good, vote a 3... if not, a 1... No 5's! Also leave positive AND negative feed back. Find things that could improve. I just wanna better myself with paintings. Upon her daybue, she will have a wall paper in the wall paper section that will be three sizes. Anyways, also, do try and crash our server. It would be fun for it to die because of hits, but it's not likely at this point in time. Hit the refresh button 5000 times if you feel. DO IT!

--Rhino Out--

2005 Aug Tue 04:17 pm

Dont forget.

Please keep in mind, we dont just post on this site, we are alse the proud owners of
Please, make sure to visit our site.

Right now we are trying to bring down the server, just for testing reasons. get everyone you know to look at that page, and have them tell their friends 2. I want to see so many hits the server would burst into flame, i want the CPU chip to fly off it! FRY MY SERVER!

2005 Jul Tue 04:00 pm


Freakin sweet that you guys love us, keep reading, and dont forget to show support and grab some wallpapers for your work computers and such!

2005 Jul Mon 11:51 pm


We have a couple of new sections for you to view. At the top of this page you will see the normal "Home, Latest comic, blah blah" Now you can see two new areas... one is "Wallpapers" which currently has one of our wall papers we did for around star wars release this year. The next is my favorite, we have a "Sketch Dump" section, where I basically put in what ever I feel like... most are sketches, some are painted. Anyways, feel free to check them out and leave some comments if you feel. We'll see them. WORD!

--Rhino Out--

2005 Jul Mon 10:17 pm

Long time, no Post

So, we realize that we haven't done alot of posting of news here. Here is what is store for YOU the viewer. More crap. Thats right! And you better like it, or we'll come to your house and beat you with a... no. We would never do that to a fan. But the first sign of hate mail... OH, it's time for some beatin.

Actually, we have some great ideas coming your way. Evidently the way we are going is where you would like to see us going. Lets just say that we are heading there by bullit train. As you may have noticed (we did) we are number one comic this week, All time top comic, and int he "Top Comics" section, we cover 14 of the 15 spots. Um... we are wondering if this is a mistake? I am not full of myself, and neither is Zar. We just wanna say thank you! You are all too kind. Really. I mean, you seen the crap we put out! I guess that we can just say thank you... thats all.

Also, as I have stated (alone with Frothy, Willam, and the New Albany guys) the stats are not stable. No doubt we could be number 100 next week. And hey, thats coo! But for now, hookers and beer for everyone! ON US!!

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